Nichol Skaggs is a nature lover who lives in the middle of a forest, in a Geodesic Dome, near Lake Michigan, with her husband Jerry of 27 years and their son Quinn.

Nichol’s life has always revolved around the arts – painting, photography, music, and dancing. Seeing the world through a creative lens, she had a long career as concert and fashion photographer in Grand Rapids, MI working with Modeling agencies, Actors, Venues and Magazines. Nichol also traveled to NYC where Rolling Stone Magazine recognized her natural eye for photography and accepted her as a freelance concert photographer. Musicians and Bands she has photographed include Kiss, Prince, Santana, Stevie Nicks, Kid Rock, The Wallflowers and Verve Pipe.

Presently, Nichol works as a Virtual Assistant and devotes time weekly for herself to indulge in fine art photography and painting. As an intuitive artist, she explores the feminine essence and the energy of intimate settings with nature.

In her free time she loves to garden and learn about organic – non GMO – raw foods and other alternative healthy modalities. The study of ancient cultures and exploring spirituality is an ongoing passion. Nichol is currently dreaming of a vacation with her family in Hawaii and swimming with the dolphins!

I was born creative, there isn’t a time I can remember when I wasn’t seeing the world through the portal of my artistic eyes.  Through my spirituality and painting I have connected with a creative flow that arouses my soul and brings me peace in many ways. The process of creating each painting nourishes my spirit and keeps me in the present moment. I hope it will do the same for the viewer.

Art is a universal language and the artist is a channel of visual communication through which activations of consciousness can occur for the onlooker. The artist is a mirror to awaken the soul in hopes of elevating our social structures to benefit all living things.

An artist is actually transferring energy into the work of art which touch places deep within us that words alone cannot express. My heartfelt hope is it will also inspire other people to shine in expressing their own gifts and talents which are urgently needed to make a positive and impactful change in our institutions, society and culture.

I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience and I like to think of myself as an alchemist of bringing a concept or idea into form that others can connect with on a deep unconscious level and for some on a very conscious level, those are the ones who will relate to my paintings with glee.

Tuning into the collective consciousness, I express my truth, hopeful to stir some keen minds through my photography and art.

My deepest gratitude for your encouragement and support as we play in this divine sparkling experience together. Thank you for letting me to share my creative expressions with you!

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